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The Fash Bash!

Designers, stylists and models duke it out for fashion supremacy

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Published 5/12/2010

Contemporary fashion designers battle brutally cool vintage boutiques in the ring of form, style and scrapping women. When leather, cotton, thread, yarn and spandex are weapons of choice for these wild spring getups, there's no telling who’ll win the slapdown.

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Priya Prarie 

Vest and dress from Lost and Found Vintage:
Necklace by Jennifer Vermeersch
Belt by Warpath Leather Goods:

Donna Lauper

Top and skirt from Regeneration:
Cuff and belt by Warpath Leather Goods
Necklace by Justin "Baby J" Smith


Vest, belt, bracelet and shorts from The Getup:
Necklace by Jennifer Vermeersch

The Referee

Neck-to-ankle in Wound Men's Wear:
All hair & make-up by Curl Up & Dye Salon:

Haley Stone

Vest and pants from Chi Chi & the Greek
Necklace by Jennifer Vermeersch

Mad Maxine

Vest and dress from Cats in Bags
Necklace and bracelets by Gwen Joy:

Jane Crochet

Dress by Elise Mesner
Hair band by Jennifer Vermeersch
Cuff bracelet by Warpath Leather Goods

Zula Jones

Neck-to-ankle in Angela McBride:

Special thanks to: The City of Detroit, Tyler Durden, the Park Bar,
Cliff Bell's, the Ultimate MMA Training Facility, Detroit Exposure,
Curl Up & Dye Salon stylists Mandy Leier and Adrienne Looper
and makeup artist Myranda Jennings.

All photos by: Joe Gall,

Fash Club's featured designers and boutiques battle it out on the runway at Artunes Event on Bald Mountain on May 22. See MT Photos by Joe Gall.

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