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12" pop shots

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Published 1/19/2005

Aaron Carl
“21 Positions” (EP)
Motor City Electro Company;

“Down” anthem creator and house-ghettotech producer, Aaron Carl (, proves with “21 Positions” that what’s currently in in Berlin is not nearly as important as what makes asses shake at City Heat on Eight Mile Road; another near-perfect update of the old (late ’90s) booty formula, with female come-ons — “Put your hands up on my thigh” (on the clean version at least) — and bouncing bass lines.


Gerald Mitchell
“Resurrection”/”Freedom Dancer”
Los Hermanos;

The second 7” single from DJ Rolando and Gerald Mitchell’s Submerge imprint Los Hermanos, “Resurrection” is a tight, three-and-a-half-minute bruiser that quickly rises from repetition to rapture. The shorter 7” format, traditionally reserved for punk bands, indie geeks and dad’s Beach Boys collection, forces Mitchell to bring the samba drums up front quick on the B-side and keep the “Freedom” message direct, a perfect exercise for all electronic producers.


Aaron Carl

The liberal sonic antidote to another four years of Bush, a Prince-ian, Euro-trash house track with Carl’s vocoder voice-over intoning, “I’m feeling hateful/because you think I’m weak … If you can’t tolerate my kind/you can kiss my fuckin’ ass.” A crossover hit for a parallel universe. <

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