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12" pop shots

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Published 2/16/2005

Detroit Underground #4
Featuring: Kero, Richard Devine, Apparat, Venetian Snares, I:GOR and Derek Michael

This release is scratchy and rough, using Detroit techno nods to Kraftwerk and ’80s laser sounds to create danceable white noise. A majority of the five tracks here are remixes of Sohail Azad’s (aka Windsor-Detroit’s multimedia producer Kero) miscellaneous debris as producer for labels such as Germany’s Shitkatapult and Ann Arbor’s Ghostly International, but all serve an angry, dissonant and unrelenting style. Perhaps this international crew of electro miscreants wants to compel its software tools out of their logarithms.


Mission / 6277 / Axis Recordings;

Out of the gate, “Crocks” is a sprinting, minimalist track, perfectly planned and executed for an Axis release, the label-home for former Detroiter and Wizard Jeff Mills. What’s different is that Elektrabel is from the Czech Republic and that this limited, one-sided, release expresses its sonic changes through increasing and decreasing spaces between the grooves on the record, a visual cue for DJs and a curiosity for collectors.

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