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Back in blue

Detroit blues divas discography of what’s currently available

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Published 8/17/2005

Alberta Adams

I’m On The MoveEastlawn — 2003

Live AAEastlawn — 2002

Say Baby SayCannonball — 2000

Uncut Detroit II (compilation) — Venture — 2000

Born With the BluesCannonball — 1999

T.J. Fowler and his Rockin’ Jump Band (featuring Calvin Frazier) — Savoy Jazz — 1999

Women Blues Singers (compilation) — MCA/Chess — 1999

Blues From the Heart (compilation ) — Way/sac — 1998

Blues Across America: The Detroit Scene (compilation) — Cannonball — 1997

I’m a Bad, Bad Girl: Seven Dozen Dusky Divas, 1939-1953 (bootleg import)

Lady T

Detroit Women Rattle Your Cage (compilation) — Silk City — 2005

Cee Cee Collins

Detroit Underground: Live At the Dally in the AlleySelf-released — 1999

Detroit Underground: Color Blind (with Danny Methric and Tony Denardo of the Muggs) — Self-released — 2000

Both discs are available from the band at

Joce’lyn B

The Bitch of Da BluesAll Dogs Productions

The Bitch is Back With a VengeanceAll Dogs Productions

The Bitch Ain’t Taking No PrisonersAll Dogs Productions

Cathy Davis

The Curtis Sumter Project: Trials and TribulationsNo Cover Productions

Motor City Josh: Living Like A King in the CityNo Cover Productions

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