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Head cheese

Think globally, eat locally: Young
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Published 11/16/2005

Florida native Adrienne Young has come a long way since her 2003 debut, Plow To the End of The Row. Playing banjo and backed by her band, Little Sadie, Young fashions a mix of old-timey Americana, bluegrass and folk, much like Alison Krauss. With her latest, The Art of Virtue, Young continues to mine her varied country influences with enough pop to keep it modern, without jeopardizing the authentic feel. Here Young gives us a sprinkling of micro and macro monomanias.

5. Greyhound? How do I get my dog, Ada, to my boyfriend’s farm in Virginia by Thanksgiving?

4. Sensible head: We’ve become frighteningly dependent on corporate structure, fossil fuels and agri-corporations to deliver what we need to feed our families. I encourage people to take the “buy fresh, buy local” challenge and nurture family farms, restaurants and businesses that use local produce.

3. Read: The 15 scarves I plan to knit for Xmas are quickly becoming bookmarks.

2. Geena for pres: The ultimate decisions necessary to take our society down a road which can both preserve a land and a culture worthy of bequeathing to later generations while assuming with dignity our role as a global neighbor will not be reached by a two-party system of government.

1. Countdown: I am grateful that the choices made by our government leaders are being exposed while they are still in the mainstream and that the Democrats are finally utilizing the great system of checks and balances established by our founders.


Adrienne Young & Little Sadie appears Tuesday, Nov. 22, at the Ark (316 S. Main St., Ann Arbor; 734-763-8587).

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