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Radical listening: Why a Social Forum? Why Detroit?

By W. Kim Heron, Curt Guyette

Published: 6/23/2010

Types: Cover Story

With Thousands of marchers headed down Woodward Avenue toward downtown as we went to press, the second United States Social Forum got under way Tuesday at noon. It's the culmination of more than a year of organizing by a number of groups in Detroit — and the next step for the international net...[MORE]

The lucky 13 : Best films about college ... ever

By Bill Holdship, Curt Guyette

Published: 8/26/2009

Types: Screens, Film

Interestingly, there are probably more quality films about high school — running a gamut from the comedic John Hughes flicks to Scent of a Woman — than there are ones about college. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that college is so much fun for most of us that there's really not a ...[MORE]

Aronson's guide for the godless : A WSU prof contemplates America as a not-so-religious nation

By W. Kim Heron, Curt Guyette

Published: 1/7/2009

Types: Cover Story

Editor's note: Readers can discuss this interview and the questions it raises in the comment section at the end of this article. Author Ron Aronson will be checking our comment board for a dialogue with readers in the coming days. It began seriously with publication of The End of Faith: Religion, T...[MORE]

Tax fact and fiction: A close look at the candidates' plans

By Sandra Svoboda, Curt Guyette

Published: 9/24/2008

Types: News, Government

It wouldn't be an election year without candidates promising tax cuts, right?But who gets them, how much they are, what's the likelihood they can ever be made and what they say about each candidates' priorities are the bigger questions."Tax and fiscal policy will loom large in the next preside...[MORE]

Add it up: Locally, 1999 proved to be a year of big numbers.

By Ann Mullen, Curt Guyette

Published: 12/29/1999

Types: News

When looking back over the year, we couldn't help but notice the large scale surrounding some of our most notable events in the metro region and across the state. From massive public subsidies for private developments to the thousands of people being lef...[MORE]

Outside the box: Five proposed solutions to Detroit’s economic crisis

By Lisa M. Collins, Curt Guyette

Published: 1/26/2005

Types: Cover Story

We went looking for radical ideas. Not ideas we necessarily espouse, but rather examples of thinking outside the box. Consider what follows a starting point, a place to begin the debate about where to go from here. Because, face it, city business as usual has only led us to where we are now, stari...[MORE]

Dot gone

By Ann Mullen, Curt Guyette

Published: 3/6/2002

Types: News

Tyree Guyton has been polka dotting abandoned homes and buildings in the city for more than a decade in an attempt to nudge city administrators to do something about them. Maybe Guyton’s hand graced this 1908 structure on Dubois near Chene with his signature mark. Or it could have been a Guyton wann...[MORE]

Looking for a leader: 16 views on what Detroit needs next.

By Ann Mullen, Curt Guyette

Published: 6/20/2001

Types: Cover Story

What issues should be shaping the race for the next mayor of Detroit? What qualities does the next mayor need most? With the primary campaign to succeed Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer gearing up, those were the questions on our minds. So we posed them to a wide cross-section of people — representatives...[MORE]

Kylleen’s case

By Katie Merx, Curt Guyette

Published: 6/6/2001

Types: News, Law

Kylleen Hargrave-Thomas has waited nine years for the chance to prove her claim that she’s innocent in the 1991 murder of her then-boyfriend Manuel Joseph Bernal. She’s serving life without possibility for parole. On May 21, less than a month after the Metro Times reported her story, a federal judge...[MORE]

Police secrets: Attorney raises new questions about shooting report that police have suppressed.

By Ann Mullen, Curt Guyette

Published: 3/21/2001

Types: News, Government

A brief filed in Wayne County Circuit Court on Monday alleges that Detroit Police Officer Eugene Brown may have lied in a sworn deposition about his shooting of Lamar Grable in 1996. Attorney David Robinson, who represents Grable’s mother Arnetta Grable in her civil lawsuit against the officer, a...[MORE]