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Aught not: Music of the last decade

By Bill Holdship, W. Kim Heron

Published: 1/6/2010

Types: Music

SPIN Magazine seemed to be only half-serious, I think, when its writers chose "Your Hard Drive" as the No. 1 album at the end of 2000 — right above Radiohead's Kid A and our own Eminem's The Marshall Mathers Album. But it turned out to be one of the more astute musical observations o...[MORE]

Tread lightly: Juan Cole argues against sending lots of troops to Afghanistan

By Curt Guyette, W. Kim Heron

Published: 11/11/2009

Types: News, War

A history professor at the University of Michigan, Juan Cole's notoriety as a scholar focusing on Islam was largely confined to academic circles until 2002, when he began writing his Informed Comment blog. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by the Un...[MORE]

Bombs away?: Arms expert Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to attack Iran. MT asks why he's so sure.

By Curt Guyette, W. Kim Heron

Published: 11/28/2007

Types: Cover Story

It seems that with each passing week there are more stories raising the specter of George Bush turning Iraq and Afghanistan into a bloody trifecta by attacking Iran. In mainstream daily papers we see pieces like one by Gannett's John Yaukey, who wrote in early November that "confrontation could b...[MORE]

Ready, aim... fire: Heartwarmer or beer coaster? We let you know in as few words as possible.

By Johnny Loftus, Brian Smith, W. Kim Heron

Published: 11/8/2006

Types: Music

Let's shoot them all at a wall and see what sticks, what's sweet, what stinks and where they fall. "Grapeshot" is a new, periodic feature that rounds up local music releases, gives them a listen and then gives them a grade. Sure, they're a little shorter than our regular reviews. But we're tryin...[MORE]

Juan's world: A scholar of the Middle East on the tightrope we’re walking

By Curt Guyette, W. Kim Heron

Published: 2/22/2006

Types: Cover Story

Through his daily blog Informed Comment, Juan Cole has become "a must-read for those interested in the Middle East," as the online journal Slate put it. In turn, the University of Michigan professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian history has also become a widely sought expert and commentator ...[MORE]

Seeing stars: Lawrence Williams elevates art to a higher power

By Rebecca Mazzei, W. Kim Heron

Published: 1/25/2006

Types: Arts, Visual arts

Writer and philosopher Manly P. Hall called the sun the greatest of natural fires and the most supreme of celestial bodies. Adoring the sun, he wrote, is one of the earliest forms of religious expression. Mounds, altars and temples have been raised to honor the deity of daylight. But in the ar...[MORE]

Feelin' it: Frog Island Festival 2000 features a red-hot 'n' cool afternoon of Motor City Jazz

By Charles L. Latimer, W. Kim Heron

Published: 6/21/2000

Types: Music, Jazz

The "world’s best block party," as Frog Island’s three-day bash has come to be known, forges onward into new realms of rhythmic pleasure, with Friday’s accent on blues and zydeco, Saturday’s cross section of jazz, rock and blues, and Sunday...[MORE]