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Stories written by Andrew S. Klein

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Poetic spirit

By Andrew S. Klein

Published: 4/16/2008

Types: Arts, Literature, Poetry

Perusing M.L. Liebler's bio is just a tad intimidating for a young writer. The Detroit poet, professor and activist is cut from the same cloth as John Sinclair, the once-manager of the MC5 (notorious for being sentenced to 10 years in prison for possession of two joints). Sinclair, who r...[MORE]

Street life: A photographer documents America, one relationship at a time

By Andrew S. Klein

Published: 3/19/2008

Types: Arts, Photography

Rarely does a novice pick up a paintbrush, a pen or a camera and, right off the bat, create a product at a professional level. But that's exactly what happened to Peter Turnley and his twin brother, David, when they brought their camera to the working-class neighborhood on McClellan Street in ...[MORE]

Subtext: Beauty: Exhibit shows not just art, but how the artists got there

By Andrew S. Klein

Published: 3/12/2008

Types: Arts, Visual arts

A gallery can seem like a fixed, static space. Works are chosen and placed under light, waiting in stillness and silence for the crowds. On opening night, art critics filter in with the public and churn out 500 words or so explaining why people should or shouldn't like whatever hangs on the wa...[MORE]