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Pilot's projects: Technology helps creativity in Detroit's new artistic center.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 11/17/1999

Types: Culture, Tech

Just blocks away from the dusty hole that was once the Hudson’s building, there’s a hipster loft that’s the unlikely home to one of Detroit’s hottest digital video innovators: Pilot Pictures, a partnership of graphic designer Rita Sa...[MORE]

Tempest in a pee-pot: ...Or why I'm not a Kelly Girl.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 8/25/1999

Types: Culture, Work

I really thought I could do it. I had just completed my doctoral degree, and my first full-time teaching position would soon begin. But I needed some work over the summer – in fact, I still do – so I decided to prostitute myself to th...[MORE]

The natural path: For skeptics, the hands-on approach helps in finding alternative therapies that work.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 6/30/1999

Types: Culture, Health & science

When it comes to alternative medicine, a healthy dose of skepticism may be just what the shaman ordered. Now, I’m not certain whether I’m a card-carrying skeptic. Like many, I’ve stumbled my way through the maze of herbal remedies....[MORE]

Dark underside: Plowshares Theatre revives August Wilson’s powerful hit.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 5/9/2001

Types: Arts, Performing arts

August Wilson is best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning plays Fences and The Piano Lesson. In producing Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, the Plowshares Theatre brings to the stage a compelling revival of Wilson’s first major drama, which depicts the exploitation of blues legend Ma Rainey by white musi...[MORE]

Inconspicuous tourism: When in Italy, do as the Italians do — as best you can.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 1/31/2001

Types: Culture, Travel

I almost saw Luciano Pavarotti on the streets of Bologna. Steps away from the Cattedrale di San Pietro, I was surrounded by a mass of people on a spot that, a few moments before, had been virtually empty. At first I was confused and curious. Here I was, without any sense of what was going on, bein...[MORE]

Party pressure: The ultimate New Year’s soiree is about more than just paper hats and noisemakers.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 12/20/2000

Types: Culture

With nostalgia, anticipation and introspection poised to collide as the 10-second countdown begins, the New Year’s celebration is an intense ephemeral moment. But with all that pressure, celebrating New Year’s Eve is an exercise in near-certain disappointment. We place so much symbolic value on...[MORE]

Local revival: In Detroit's historic neighborhoods, the city has already returned to life.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 9/6/2000

Types: Arts, Architecture

From stadiums to casinos, attempts to upgrade Detroit’s downtown have garnered much recent attention. While these large-scale projects command the spotlight, it is the success of Detroit’s residential neighborhoods that tells the truest story of the city’s perceived recovery. In Corktown and B...[MORE]

"Just a little bit...": Rhino's latest retrospective is a wild musical success and a mixed political message.

By Audrey Becker

Published: 10/20/1999

Types: Music

Here we are, nearing the end of the millennium. We’re making lists and comparing notes on "best-ofs," "worst-ofs" and "most importants." We’re getting nostalgic. A&E’s "100 Most Influential People." NPR’s &...[MORE]

Hidden talents

By Audrey Becker

Published: 8/23/2000

Types: Food & Drink

Behind an unmarked facade on Woodward, just north of McNichols, is one of Detroit’s best-kept culinary secrets. There was once a small sign for La Dolce Vita, but it has been removed, soon to be replaced by a discreet marker reading only “LDV.” Nevertheless, the restaurant has such a devoted cu...[MORE]

Truffle testing

By Audrey Becker

Published: 8/2/2000

Types: Food & Drink

Ah, the famed truffle. I’d heard about that rarest and most precious of all mushrooms, but I had never tasted one. So, on a recent trip to Italy, I was determined to try dishes made with truffles. I wasn’t even sure if I would like them. Suffice to say, once I’d truffled, I was hooked. The sweet, ea...[MORE]