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Stories written by Dawn McDuffie

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Words of Our Own

By Dawn McDuffie

Published: 2/13/2008

Types: Arts, Literature, Poetry

I've wanted to write about Hans Christian Anderson's story, The Snow Queen, and one snowy day last year I followed my wish. The Snow Pushes Down by Dawn McDuffie left to right. Lightning flashes, winter thunder. When I'm asleep, I dream of white sky and then I see a candle flash in the bra...[MORE]

'Those who are doing it': Young poets portray their Detroit with passion

By Dawn McDuffie

Published: 1/23/2008

Types: Culture, Love & sex

Think for a moment of being 16 or 17 years old in Detroit. Imagine the drudgery of taking a DDOT bus to school and home again every weekday, of returning most afternoons to meet the responsibilities of family life, of finding time to complete your homework while preparing for life after graduati...[MORE]

Pheasant Under Glass, Cignus ustus cantat

By Dawn McDuffie

Published: 8/15/2007

Types: Arts, Literature, Books

From Carmina Detroit Adastra Press $15, 31 pp. More than any young thug I ruled the vacant lots. Seven sweet brown hens and our chicks attended me. Now I am presented trimmed in my own feathers. I cannot fly, but I can see a glitter of knives, the hunger of teeth. I cannot think; the o...[MORE]

Good Advice for Happy Times

By Dawn McDuffie

Published: 3/14/2007

Types: Arts, Literature, Poetry

Tempus es iocundum Girls, when spring returns don't despise the young men; rejoice with them. Hear them singing in the choir room. They sound like sturdy delphiniums about to burst into flower. Love's first promise encourages a girl, but she is held back by her own hesitancy. ...[MORE]