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Stories written by Edward Ericson Jr

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People who died: Some deaths deserve a little extra note

By Anna Ditkoff, Edward Ericson Jr. & Lee Gardner

Published: 12/24/2008

Types: News, World

Death took its usual toll this year, and seemingly then some. Genocide, war, terrorist attacks, disease — yikes. But for the purposes of this tribute to influential cultural notables whose deaths deserve a little extra note, it was a terrible harvest. In addition to the loss of A-list names li...[MORE]

Decisions, decisions: Forget HMOs. Computers are rationing health care.

By Edward Ericson Jr.

Published: 11/10/1999

Types: Culture, Health & science

In a building in Westwood, Mass., sits a room with a computer on which more than 20 million files wait, growing in number and complexity every day, each one starting with a name. They are medical files, and they include information about a person’s...[MORE]