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Pro-pot petition

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 2/2/2000

Types: News, Law

Greg Schmid has high hopes. With no financial backing, the Saginaw attorney is banking on 1,500 volunteers to help place a measure on Michigan’s November ballot that would decriminalize posession of small amounts of marijuana for personal us...[MORE]

Indian commission's demise

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 10/20/1999

Types: News, Government

Native Americans from across Michigan rallied in Lansing last week in an unsuccessful attempt to halt Gov. John Engler’s elimination of the state’s Indian Affairs Commission. An executive order signed by Engler abolished the 34-year-ol...[MORE]

Low-power radio push

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 9/15/1999

Types: News, Science & technology

With the Federal Communications Commission cutting off public comment this week on a proposal to legalize low-power FM stations, this is certain: The views of Michigan residents will be well-represented when a decision on the matter is finally made. ...[MORE]

Delivering complaints

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 7/21/1999

Types: News, Government

Tammy Paul usually delivers mail in Clawson. Two weeks ago, however, she was part of a contingent taking this message to an arbitration panel in Washington, D.C.: Automation is making the job more difficult and dangerous for the U.S. Postal Service’s 315,000 letter carriers. &...[MORE]

Cable excess

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 7/14/1999

Types: News, Media

A Waterford public access cable TV show is going to stay on the air despite hundreds of complaints about the program’s offensive, sophomoric attempts at humor. "I think the show is offensive, but we cannot edit or censor the show due to First Amendment rights," said Water...[MORE]

EMU meets Y2K

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 6/9/1999

Types: News, Education

About 300 Eastern Michigan University students had an early brush with the Y2K bug in April and May when reprogramming to head off future computer problems went awry, school officials said. Students temporarily fell behind on tuition payments, and in some cases were left without mon...[MORE]

Gunning for deer

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 5/19/1999

Types: News, Environmental

A proposal to use hunters to thin deer herds in some southeast Michigan parks sparked heated debate at a public meeting held last week in Oakland Township. After a yearlong study, the Wildlife Management Advisory Committee for the Huron-Clinton Metroparks recommends that deer at three...[MORE]

Arbitration rights?

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 5/12/1999

Types: News, Labor

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled last week that employers can prevent worker lawsuits by requiring that employees sign away their rights to a jury trial and accept arbitration instead. In a 4-3 decision, the court ruled in Rembert vs. Ryan’s Steakhouse that employers can insis...[MORE]

Crackdown on pot

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 4/21/1999

Types: News, Law

Any flashes of paranoia floating through the annual Hash Bash earlier this month might rightly have been described as drug influenced – but they were not delusions. Someone really does want to bring more heat down on Ann Arbor’s pot smokers. Her name is Bev Hammerstrom, a Repu...[MORE]

Whose business is it?

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 4/14/1999

Types: News, Business

Should a property owner be able to refuse to rent to unmarried couples because it violates his or her religious beliefs? As interpreted by the Michigan Supreme Court last December, the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act bars most Michigan landlords from turning away couples simply becau...[MORE]

Tokin’ trouble

By Karen Mouradjian

Published: 5/23/2001

Types: Culture, Health & science

Ann Arbor resident Renee Emry Wolfe is in trouble with the law again. When last we heard from the pro-pot advocate — she has multiple sclerosis and uses marijuana to alleviate symptoms of her illness — Wolfe was in court for lighting up in the D.C. offices of Rep. Bill McCollum (R-Fla.). That time, ...[MORE]