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Kylleen’s case

By Katie Merx, Curt Guyette

Published: 6/6/2001

Types: News, Law

Kylleen Hargrave-Thomas has waited nine years for the chance to prove her claim that she’s innocent in the 1991 murder of her then-boyfriend Manuel Joseph Bernal. She’s serving life without possibility for parole. On May 21, less than a month after the Metro Times reported her story, a federal judge...[MORE]

Hanging by a nail: A broken fingernail and a fleeting glance led to a murder conviction — and lingering doubts.

By Katie Merx

Published: 4/25/2001

Types: Cover Story

Kylleen Hargrave-Thomas had racked up her fair share of bad experiences with men. But in the fall of 1991, the divorced mother of two sons thought she’d finally found a winner. Joe Bernal, a man she had broken up with the previous summer, asked her for a second chance. He’d always been kind to ...[MORE]