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Stories written by Mariela Griffor

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Words of Our Own

By Mariela Griffor

Published: 1/9/2008

Types: Arts, Literature, Poetry

"Detroit" was conceived 10 years ago after a very interesting conversation with Harriet Saperstein about the city of Detroit. After she left my house, the poem came to me as a whisper. She devoted 35 years of work to the architectural improvement of the city, and I was surprised and also very challe...[MORE]

An exile’s tale of Christmas: A transplanted Chilean remembers her holiday season in the shadow of the 1973 coup d’etat

By Mariela Griffor

Published: 12/20/2006

Types: Arts, Literature

Tuesday morning a thin rain hung over Santiago. My grandfather made a pile of books in the back yard and directed me to bring more from the library. Our house was a simple concrete affair, ranch style, with an enormous palm tree in the front yard. Ligustrinum bushes surrounded the courtyard where he...[MORE]

Fan the fire

By Mariela Griffor

Published: 7/5/2006

Types: Arts, Literature, Poetry

In dramatic lyrics and narratives, Robert Fanning’s The Seed Thieves investigates both the mundane and the extramundane. In varying styles and voices, the poems cover a wide spectrum of imagery, including a man moved to prayer by fireflies, a teenage girl falling from a highway overpass, a...[MORE]