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Stories written by Mel Small

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A doggie bag of wisdom: Eating my way through three decades for MT

By Mel Small

Published: 7/21/2010

Types: Food & Drink

I wrote my first review for Metro Times in March 1982 during the Reagan recession, when I praised the Cook's Shop in Windsor for its budget-balancing brochettes. I have been writing reviews on and off over three decades. During that period, legendary and not-so-legendary Detroit restaurants and culi...[MORE]

What's your favorite restaurant?

By Mel Small

Published: 10/18/2006

Types: Food & Drink

Whenever someone discovers that I do restaurants, they immediately ask, “So what’s your favorite?” They are invariably disappointed when I hem and haw, pointing out that it depends on the type of food, how far I want to drive, how much I want to spend, if there is a milestone b...[MORE]