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Cultured tastes

By Melanie Seasons

Published: 7/20/2005

Types: Food & Drink

Sandor Ellix Katz has 30 gallons of miso fermenting in his basement, raises goats for milk and cheese, and has been making sauerkraut pretty much nonstop for the past 12 years. He’s a ferment-aholic. Katz is the author of Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture...[MORE]

Leg work: Young dancers get tough lessons at Detroit Opera House

By Melanie Seasons

Published: 7/20/2005

Types: Arts, Performing arts, Dance

In a crowded studio on Wayne State University’s campus, 50 ridiculously flexible kids watch an instructor show a young dancer just how much higher her leg extension could be. The toned pre-teen scrunches her face in pain as her teacher guides her leg from the front to the back in a half-cir...[MORE]

Camp and vamp

By Melanie Seasons

Published: 7/13/2005

Types: Music, Rock/Pop

Whether in five-inch stilettos or a pair of threadbare Chuck Taylors, lady rockers of Detroit will stand tall this weekend. The Under My Heels festival, celebrating its second year, is a concert co-founded by three of Detroit’s ever-present XX-chromosomed musicians: Alicia Gbur of the Nice...[MORE]

Deco rated

By Melanie Seasons

Published: 6/8/2005

Types: Arts, Architecture

Detroit has some of the best examples of art deco architecture in the world. At least that’s what Rebecca Binno Savage, author, historian, preservationist and president of the Detroit Area Art Deco Society, says. For those unfamiliar: Art deco architecture is characterized by buildings with promine...[MORE]

Come together

By Melanie Seasons

Published: 6/1/2005

Types: Culture, Health & science

Despite never having been afflicted with the disease, Joe Perry considers himself to be a cancer survivor because he’s been touched by the devastating illness through the loss of friends and family, including both of his parents. "Family members are survivors too," Perry says. "We’re...[MORE]