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Literary largesse: An index of titles worthy of a spot under the tree

By Metro Times book critics

Published: 11/25/2009

Types: Arts, Literature, Books

Real Life & Liars by Kristina Riggle Avon A-HarperCollins, $13.99, pp. 327 Playing off the opening line of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina — "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" — Grand Rapids-based Kristina Riggle sweeps readers into a...[MORE]

Lit Up: An Ann Arbor haunting, exposed depravity and some Indian taboo tackled

By Metro Times book critics

Published: 3/11/2009

Types: Arts, Literature, Books

Dream House by Valerie Laken Harper Collins Publishers, $24.95, 333 pp. In her debut novel, Dream House, Valerie Laken tells it like it is: Personal fulfillment can only come from within, not via corporeal means.Candidly reflecting on the sacrifices people make to maintain, achieve or, in som...[MORE]

Lust issues : A journalist travels into the kinky and the perverse

By Metro Times book critics

Published: 2/11/2009

Types: Arts, Literature, Books

The Other Side of Desire: Four Journeys into the Far Realms of Lust and Longing by Daniel Bergner Ecco, $24.95, 224 pp. In his new book, Daniel Bergner delves into five lives that few would be able to call less than extreme erotically, and in the most extreme of these, criminally disturbing. T...[MORE]