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Stories written by Steve Cotner

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First strike: A cub reporter crosses the line

By Steve Cotner

Published: 9/26/2007

Types: News, Labor

I ditch my hand-me-down foreign car in an ironworkers’ lot, a block away from General Motors’ Powertrain Plant in Warren, and hike up to a team of UAW strikers. Homeless for the night, I figure I will spend it with them, if they’ll have me. My Tigers hat sits too high on my head, a...[MORE]

Way out there

By Steve Cotner

Published: 9/19/2007

Types: Arts, Visual arts

A neon shamrock pointing skyward above its entrance, Corktown Tavern readies itself for Saturday's Alien Art Show, featuring art, music and fashion spanning decades of Detroit talent. Co-producers Jeff Richards and Tim Caldwell have corralled 24 Detroit artists on the alien tip, though, says Ti...[MORE]