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Stories written by Tate Hausman

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No sweat on campus: The crusade to keep colleges from benefiting from sweatshops continues.

By Tate Hausman

Published: 9/8/1999

Types: News, Labor

The most energetic student movement of the ’90s, the protest against exploitative foreign sweatshops, is poised to return to campuses this fall with more vigor, enthusiasm and resources than ever before. At issue is the widespread practice...[MORE]

Expert deception: Authors expose PR industry’s mind games.

By Tate Hausman

Published: 2/7/2001

Types: Arts, Literature, Books

Think about how many times you’ve heard an evening news anchor spit out some variation on the phrase, “According to experts ....” It’s such a common device that most of us hardly hear it anymore. But we do hear the “expert” — the professor or doctor or watchdog group — tell us whom to vote for, what...[MORE]