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'let's call this'

Baseball beautitude from days gone by

MT Photo: Travis R. Wright
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Published 4/7/2010

"let's call this" for Jayne Cortez

baseball, poetry, &
rhythm & blues—
& all three

in one most
glorious day,
april 15, 1982—

let's call this
opening day,
like the sky

opened up & grinned
all over detroit
& at the shrine

of truth & beauty
at michigan & trumbull
even the tigers came thru

4 to 2
over toronto
& at the detroit

institute of arts
jayne cortez
made the scene

with her crazy
making machine
& to top it off,
making his first
detroit appearance

in recorded memory,
the pride
of orange, texas,

ladies &
gentlemen, that mighty
man of music, mister


so let's call this a
day then, & please

please, please,
i'm down on my knees
begging for more—

80 more
home games to go, &
let the hits just

keep on coming
day after day
for the rest of the year!
—Detroit, April 17, 1982

Avant-activist, pot proponent, former White Panther, former MC5 manager, jazz writer, poet, yeah, yeah, yeah. But not everyone knows John Sinclair as baseball guy: "You might say that the poem is from the Detroit Life album. I remain an avid Tigers fan, intend to take my granddaughter to some games while I'm here, and hope for a World Series victory for Jim Leyland & the Tigers in 2010!"

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