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Letters to the Editor

Your thoughts, from Julie Hecker to Nolan Finley

MT Photo: Doug Coombe, courtesy Bob Hecker
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Published 7/14/2010

We hid it well

I was impressed by your Ernest Hemingway article ("Hemingway's 'Last Good Country,'" July 7). It was well-written and very entertaining. I kept waiting for the thinly disguised, agenda-driven political drivel that contaminates almost every MT article, but it never came. —David Garvin, Keego Harbor

Take that, Finley!

Re: "Scenes from the social forum" (June 30), We send our greetings and sympathy to Nolan Finley for his political and personal failure as a representative of the human race. We understand the anger of Finley and his ilk at our righteous social force of lefty folks, most of whom are neither capitalist nor socialist but among the 50 million cultural creatives in this country, who are redefining what it means to be a human being in the 21st century. We're rebuilding our cities after they strip mine them into a wasteland of greed. Their backward beliefs have deregulated the state and federal government into bankruptcy. The state of Michigan and its right-wing crusaders, after giving billionaires tax cuts, have threatened to put just about every city in the state into receivership. Bush, Reagan, Clinton and Obama have deregulated every institution in our beloved country, turning loose the banksters and free market-terrorists, destroying common decency. American people are waiting not for socialism, but another way of life. Hopefully, we can create an alternative vision for a decent society, or else we will continue our death march and die off as modern dinosaurs. —Larry Sparks, Ferndale

Remembering Julie Hecker 

I would like to thank everyone in Detroit for all the love and support shown after the passing of my wife. Like so many of you, I have no words, so I'll use some of Julie's, "You are powerful, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are great!"—Bob, Andrew, and Zoe Hecker, Royal Oak

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