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Dogfight doggerel

Florida election debacle is an inspiration to some


Published 11/22/2000

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You dont usually find poetry being spouted in News Hits, but Metro Times proofreader Dennis Shea slid a recent work of his across our desk, part of which we thought wed share seeing as how it was inspired by a certain news event that captured the attention of a person or two. Its titled The Vote of His Life, and it begins thusly:

I live in Florida, its pretty warm,
We get some rain, an occasional storm.
Were not too rich, but were not poor;
I was leaning to Bush, then I said, why not Gore?
Election Day, it came and it went,
Lot of TV cameramen, sorry, people, I meant.
Seems our county clerk was asleep at the switch,
And made up a ballot with one little glitch.
Now Id never made up my own wavering mind:
Bush, Gore; Gore, Bush.
It was like picking between a pair and two of a kind.
A friend said Naders the one to choose;
I said Im going for one who might not lose.
But who?
Well, the GOP and Dems were fussing and fooling around,
And some judge said, We got to have a recount.
They did all that and still its tied,
So, no, he says, give revoting a try.
Im really nervous as Im driving to the polling place.
I mean it is the day after Christmas.
I still aint made my final pick,
The one whos dumb or the one whos slick

Dennis Shea contributed to this weeks News Hits, which is edited by Curt Guyette. He can be reached at or 313-202-8004.

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