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Where they’re shooting around town

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Published 6/10/2009


Who stars: Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist), Anne Heche and Jane Adams (Little Children).

What it is: Jane is Ray, a distressed high school basketball coach beset with financial and personal problems — the Detroit house he inherited from his parents burns down, his wife (Heche) and children leave him, etc. His big reversal of fortune? His really huge cock, which comes in quite handy as a financial tool. Black comedy ensues.  

Where: HBO just finished shooting its title sequence in downtown Detroit. The entire 10-episode first season is set here in the Motor City.

When it airs: Premieres Sunday, June 28, on HBO. The pilot is 45 minutes; episodes run 30 minutes each. 

The buzz: Oscar-winner Alexander Payne (Sideways) directed the pilot episode. Rejected titles for this new HBO series reportedly included Noodle, Tool, Shaft, Captain Winkie, The Unit and so on. The series is said to be an HBO "priority." Also, the series could blow.

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