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Gangster film now shooting ... set in a Detroit pawn shop

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Published 7/1/2009

Pawn Shop

Who stars: Garrett Morris (original SNL alum), Joe Torry (Poetic Justice), local radio (WJLB) jock Robert "MC Foolish" Spearman Jr. and Flavor of Love 2 winner London "Deelishis" Charles.

What is it: A $525K, homegrown attempt to emulate the success of Barbershop set in, you guessed it, a Detroit pawn shop — except there's a gangster involved. What, no Ice Cube?

Where:  In Detroit, mostly inside a jerry-rigged rim shop. It's a three-week shoot co-produced and directed by Parrish Redd, founder of Paris Deior Studios of West Bloomfield Township.

release date:  End of the summer. Yikes, a fast turnaround. I smell direct-to-video.  

the buzz:  It's employing nearly 50 local people.

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