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Hamtramck Blowout 2003

Photo/ Jennifer Jeffery
Noel Christine of the Alphabet
Photo/ Jennifer Jeffery
Motor City Burgers
Photo/ Doug Coombe
Richard Panic & Gene Courduroy of Pas/Cal.
Photo/ Doug Coombe
Tim McHugh of the Rioteers.
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Published 3/12/2003

Aside from the two venues that suddenly bowed out (the Carbon Lounge, Shananigan’s) at the last minute, leaving a handful of bands and DJs without a venue (kudos to the Works for saving Carbon’s Saturday lineup), and the spilled-over toilets at the Holbrook on Friday night, the Blowout was a well-attended (6,000-plus) thing of beauty.

As usual there were moments of true magnificence and moments of downright wretchedness, which, when combined, made for a beer-fueled blast. And many venues — particularly Small’s and Paychecks — were at capacity on the weekends. The roaming limos-on-steroids shuttles made drinking and driving a nonconcern. What’s more, the Hamtramck cops were cool, even when called out to Roadrunner’s Raft over noise complaints from the neighbors.

There is certain splendor to the idea of a Hamtramck corner bar becoming a makeshift concert venue and crammed full of people intent on seeing live music. And we at Metro Times are looking forward to Blowout 2004, which, despite all rumors, will happen. So, to all the musicians and bar proprietors involved in Blowout 2003, we salute you!

Photos taken by Jennifer Jeffery and Doug Coombe

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